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IMOCA Open 60 – Vendée Globe – Les Sables dOlonne – Day 112 – big reception for Samantha Davies, Alexa Barrier to follow next

Big reception for Samantha Davies GBR yesterday in Les Sables dOlonne. In sunshine, the Englishwoman arrived at the finish of her third round-the-world race – the reports. —– Tomorrow Sunday, Alexa Barrier FRA (MSE 4myplanet) will be next. She was 172 miles short this morning. —– The race-tracker.

IMOCA Open 60 – Vendée Globe – Les Sables dOlonne – Day 111 – Samantha Davies to arrive today

This morning UTC, Samantha Davies GBR (Initiatives Coeur) will finish her circumnavigation. Due to a collision with a UFO, she had to abandon the race at the Cape of Good Hope. After two weeks of repair work, the Englishwoman resumed her circumnavigation, not least to help the childrens medical charity Initiatives Coeur raise more funds. To date, her race has made it possible for 84 Third World children to receive life-saving heart surgery – donations are still possible. Yesterday, before approaching the finish line, the Englishwoman sailed an additional heart-shaped loop. Here is a first interview and the report. Her entry into Les Sables dOlonne harbor will be broadcast live from 12h UTC today. —– Alexa Barrier FRA (TSE-4myplanet) passed Cape Finisterre tonight, with 300 miles to go to the finish line, which she will reach on Saturday in 24th position. —– Last to follow is Ari Huusela FIN (Stark), who is expected in Les Sables dOlonne in about a week. —– The race tracker and all reports.

IMOCA Open 60 – Vendée Globe – Les Sables dOlonne – Day 110 – arrival of Isabelle Joschke

Yesterday morning UTC, Isabelle Joschke FRA/GER[B][/B] was welcomed in Les Sables dOlonne by a big crowd. After her repair stop in San Salvador, she was no longer officially in the race, but the fact that she nevertheless brought her Open 60 back to the finish filled her with great satisfaction. At the press conference, she gave information about her race. The biggest stress factor was that the sister ship of her MASCF, Kevin Escoffiers PRB, had broken apart, which led to permanent tension in the rough seas – the report. —– Today, Samantha Davis GBR (Initiatives Coeur) will arrive in Les Sables, followed on Saturday by Alexa Barrier GBR (TME-4myplanet), who still has 500 miles to go. —– The backmarker Ari Huusela FIN (Stark) is 1600 miles from the finish south of the Azores, enduring stormy days without sleep – the report. —– The race tracker and the reports.

IMOCA Open 60 – Vendée Globe – Les Sables dOlonne – Day 109 – Arrival of Isabelle Joschke

Isabelle Joschke FRA/GER (MASCF) will arrive in Les Sables dOlonne this morning UTC. Although she had to retire from the race on the South Atlantic with the swing keel damaged beyond repair, she still delivered a great race at her Vendée Globe premiere – the report. —– Next regular finish will be Alexa Barrier FRA (TSE-4myplanet) in 24th place, 750 miles from the arrival this morning UTC. —– The race tracker and all reports.

Ice-Sailing – Polish Championship – Onboard Video

The Polish DN championship took place last weekend in the best ice conditions. Poland has been the leading ice sailing nation for years, not least thanks to 12-time world champion and former Americas Cup helmsman Karol Jablonski POL. What a race looks like from a sailors perspective is shown in a well-edited 10-minute onboard video.

IMOCA Open 60 – Vendée Globe – Les Sables dOlonne – Day 107, Isabelle Joschke approaching Les Sables

This morning, Isabelle Joschke FRA/GER passed Cape Finisterre at the north-western point of Spain, and she will complete her first circumnavigation tomorrow. Until her retirement due to a repair stop, Joschke provided for an animated race and sailed in the top 5 for a long time. The race tracker and the reports.

18 Footer – Australian Championship 2020 – Sydney AUS – Final results – tech2 of Jack Macartney on top

The 9th and final race of the Australian 18-footer championship came to an end yesterday in Sydney. In shifty winds of around 15 knots, the duel for the title was already decided at the start in favour of tech2 (Jack Macartney/Charlie Wyatt/Lewis Brake AUS) after their last remaining opponent smeg (Michael Coxon AUS) made a premature start. —– With the successful defence of their title, tech2 moved on top of the list of favourites for the unofficial 18-Footer World Championship, starting in two weeks from now. The New Zealanders, JJ Giltinan Trophy winners in the past two years, will not be at the start due to the Corona restrictions. Besides tech2 and smeg, Winning Group (John Winning jr/Seve Jarvin/Sam Newton AUS), first-ranked yesterday, can also fancy their chances of grasping the JJ Giltinan Trophy. —– For now, racing continues next Friday with the Super Cup, featuring past World Champions, Olympic medallists, Americas Cup and Ocean Race veterans. —– The report and the video replay of yesterdays race.

Star – Miami Star Winter Series – Midwinter Championship – Day 3 – Doyle/Infelise USA continue dominating

After the Walker Cup, the 2020/21 Star Midwinter Series on Bay Biscayne continued with the Midwinter Championship with eight races scheduled until Sunday, Feb 21, including the five Walker Cup heats. Eric Doyle/Payson Infelise, San Diego, CA won again both races, increasing the advantage on Augie Diaz/Arni Baltins, Miami, FL to 17 points. Peter Vesella/Phil Trinter, Miami refrained from racing and Paul Cayard/Luke Lawrence, San Francisco, CA moved therefore again into third overall with a 4 point backlog on rank 2. —– 17 boats from 4 nations participate. —– The]results[/URL].

Star – Miami Star Winter Series – Walker Cup – Final results – Doyle/Infelise USA winners

After dominating on day one, Eric Doyle/Payson Infelise, San Diego, CA, continued their streak, posting two bullets for the day and winning the Walker Cup, while Augie Diaz/Arni Baltins, Miami, FL maintained their position behind the leaders with two second place finishes. Peter Vessella/Phil Trinter, Miami moved into third overall. —– 18 boats from 4 nations participated. —– Beautiful conditions continued for day two of the Star Midwinters and Walker Cup with a breeze ranging from 10 to 15 knots, shifting a little more to the south. —– The results.

IMOCA Open 60 – Vendée Globe – Les Sables dOlonne – Day 105 – Joschke and Davies expected on Wednesday

Yesterday morning UTC, Manuel Cousin FRA (Groupe Sétin) crossed the finish line of the Vendée in the 23rd position. After his keel suspension problems on the South Atlantic, he covered the last 2000 miles in safety mode. The report. —– Next to arrive in Les Sables dOlonne, probably on Wednesday, will be Isabelle Joschke FRA/GER (MASCF) and Samantha Davis GBR (Initiatives Coeur) both sailing out of competition after their repair stops. —– Alexia Barrier FRA (TSE – 4myplanet), sailing in 24th place, was 1500 miles short this morning, while the backmarker Ari Huusela FIN (Stark) 2100 miles from Les Sables will need another week to the arrival. —– The race tracker and the reports.