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At 07:20 UTC Captain of Triana (66) FR, Jean d’Arthuys, contacted Ocean Globe Race control to request an urgent medivac from the vessel.

Yesterday at 1300 UTC the crew member Stéphane Raguenes slipped on deck in heavy weather causing a severe laceration on the back of his leg behind the knee. Stéphane was taken below for immediate first aid to stop the blood flow. He was sedated and given painkillers. He was conscious, talking and made comfortable by his crew mates.

MSOS, the OGR 24hr telemedicine team and TMAS International Telemedicine support were contacted and photos of the injuries were transmitted via satelite for diagnosis. Medical advice was provided to the crew. OGR declared a Code Orange and OGR protocols were put in place. Next of kin were informed.

Captain Jean d’Arthuys considered various options, including an emergency evacuation to a nearby container ship or transferring Doctor Tanneguy Raffray from Neptune (56) FR, another French OGR entrant. Neptune was just 12 nm away at the time. Unfortunately, 4mtr seas and moderate wind conditions ruled out both options. Diverting to Portugal was also considered but it was decided to continue South to Las Palmas and later Madeira. This option offered the least overall risk to all involved.d a soft spot for PEN DUICK VI designed especially for the first round the world race, the Whitbread 1973-1974..

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