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kaos = chaos

When you are from a family that has amassed grotesque amounts of money off the backs of exploited workers, and then you build a grotesque boat like that, this is the kind of shit you deserve. – ed

Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie’s megayacht has become a favorite target for eco-activists. In less than 60 days, the 360-foot Oceanco yacht has been vandalized twice by paint-spraying environmentalists from two different groups.

The ultra-luxurious yacht, Kaos, was ordered by the Emir of Qatar and was delivered as the Jubilee in 2017. Walton Laurie, heiress to the multibillion-dollar fortune of Walmart founder Sam Walton, purchased it the following year for about $300 million. In recent months, Kaos and her crew have operated between Barcelona, Ibiza, Monaco and other landmark ports of the Mediterranean yachting circuit, according to AIS data provided by Pole Star.

On July 16, a small group from the Spanish social and environmental action group Futuro Vegetal went to Kaos‘ berth on the Avinguda de les Andanes, a public promenade at the heart of Ibiza’s waterfront. The team brought fire extinguishers filled with paint, and they sprayed the yacht’s stern with a spatter of red and black. The Kaos‘ crew attempted to hose off the damage, and members of the civil guard detained the two activists involved.

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