vanity project

So I got stuck in this “Let me look at old sailing photos” loop tonight that lasted at least an hour. We’ve all done it, and it is amazing the memories and emotions that can come back instantly when landing on certain shots.

This one is from 11/23/2008, likely from the Hot Rum series, here in Dago. That’s Anarchy 1, the one that started it all for me as an owner.  Pictured from the front is; I forget, Eddie McCoy, Kenny Blackington, my gf at the time, Eva Rummel, Todd Maguire, boat partner John Rickard, and me, once again not looking where I should be.

What a great light air boat and what an awesome time we had with that thing. Great shot by Dennis St. Onge. Got any old sailing photos that strike a chord? Send ’em in!