why you always hatin’?

This is funny and at least partially true.

Finally. A regatta for Pros! Full speed ahead, Pros! A regatta for the rich, by the rich. This is precisely the place we welcome you pros to populate to your heart’s extent. There will be no gee-gawking Corinthians to get in your way on the race course. Allow your inner gladiator to come out.

Shout, scream, yell all you want. You’ll be on a battlefield with equally obnoxious competitors. Duke it out on the course. Afterward, duke it on in the protest room. After that, get shitfaced and duke it out on the lawn, after the party. By all means, you and your filthy wealthy owners have at it with one another and make it a big old Roman/Grecian styles man affair. Thread here. Title inspiration here.