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missing lobsters

The Environment

Thanks to our friends at Waterlust.

Add to the list of not-so-claw-some climate change news: there appears to be a shortage of baby lobsters in coastal nurseries due to changing seas. It turns out that despite the adult lobster population thriving like a baby boomer lobster party on a Saturday night, young lobsters are dwindling faster than the Gen Z party down the street that had the cops called on them! Talk about a generation gap! Some might say, they’re in a pinch!

Ascher and Layland, researchers at the University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center, dove deep into the lobster world. Their mission? To figure out why these adorable lobster babies aren’t making it. One hypothesis they explored is that changes in food availability could be to blame. Who knew lobster cuisine was such a delicate matter?

By using DNA sequencing to uncover the identities of the little critters’ planktonic prey, Ascher revealed what these tiny lobster larvae munch on. Forget about CSI: Miami; we’ve got CSI: Crustacean Scene Investigation!

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