gee, that sounds like fun

It does if you’re into indentured servitude. Here’s the opening paragraph for a crew wanted job:

From May / June through early September I will be spending most of my time cruising and sailing around the Salish Sea on a 44ft catamaran with a combination of family and friends. I am looking for a deckhand who is flexible to be wherever we are going, whenever we go there. Room and board included, though what room is available will depend on how many guests we have.

There are 3 cabins on the boat and a couch of sorts that becomes a bed; guests will take priority in terms of cabins. This is a mid-sized boat, so while it’s comfortable it is not a super yacht so requires a willingness to share small spaces with others. Start is May (somewhat flexible) through mid-September.

Read on to find out about your tent accommodations.