open carry yacht club

In typical SA fashion, the Etchells Worlds Creeps thread has devolved, this time with people now talking about guns and shooting people. And why not – in a country where right-wing ammosexuals fetishize guns with homoerotic frenzy, and given that sailing – certainly owners, yacht club brass, and no doubt the majority of sailors are right-wingers – we say it’s time to bring yer guns to The Club! Think of the added levels of excitement as you get drunk, wondering who’s packin’! It will certainly shorten up lengthy protests, scores will be immediately settled, and that one prick you’ve hated for years, well let’s just say he will be an irritant no more.

We kid of course, but not really. How long can it be before one of these assholes gets liquored up and starts flashing his gat around? “That’s absurd!” you shout at me. “There’s no way!” you insist.

Really? Do you mean like how absurd it was to think that nutjobs wouldn’t bring their guns to school and murder children?  You mean like that? Fuck off.

Because there weren’t all these psychopathic murderers running around back in the day, yacht clubs have never had to worry about guns, but they do now. I checked the Club Rules and Regulations at SDYC, and while there are a million rules about the things you can’t do, there isn’t a single word about guns. I may have an older version, but as far as I can tell, you can have them on Club grounds, kept legally of course. But what about the clubs in the retarded states that have open carry laws?  One guesses you can saddle right up to the bar in the Dumbfuckistan states, your penis-extension AK strapped to your fat belly, and continue acting like the biggest cunt in the world. USA! USA! USA!

Does your yacht club say anything about guns, possession of, or any reference at all in their rules? If I were you, I’d make a point of checking that out. Otherwise, the “well-regulated militia” members might just do something that is done multiple times a day in this sick country of ours; shoot you for no fucking reason, other than they can – ed.