get out

The Etchells sexual harassment thread is going off. You truly need to jump in to get up to speed. Personally, I’ve never dug the vibe of the class in San Diego. The shitty ‘tudes, the “we’re the greatest sailors”, the “you don’t sail here because you’re not good enough” bullshit is repellent.  I have some good friends who sail there, but overall – no thanks.

This post below from newb Breakwaterkinda says it all:

I could not be happier to have sold my Etchells recently. This class is full of scumbags from top to bottom. There are a few good people sprinkled in, but per capita, this class has the highest percentage of A-holes.

This event, with 62 boats, 31 protests, and a published sexual misconduct was and is an embarrassment for the sport of sailing.