pro bros, again

Our opinion is that most pros are dicks, they ruin the sport for others, and are a huge cause of overspending in the big fleets. This post makes sense…

The problem is not the pro-bros. The problem is the owners who hire the pro-bros. The only way to stop the behavior, and its ill-effects on the sport, is to outlaw it. Local clubs would be a good start. Clubs could publish their racing bylaws that included a statement “Professional Category 3 sailors are not allowed to race upon any boat competing in a club-sponsored event”. That simple.

The One Design class can do the same as well. Coaches can coach all they want right up to the start. Once the race begins, the “No_pro” rule should kick in.

Pros can earn their day rate in OTW training before or after the regatta. They can provide dockside debriefs, videos, advice, et., just not onboard a competing vessel during competition.

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