I just got an email from World Sailing saying my Sailor ID is about to expire. I click on the link to renew. First I get the warning that the WS certificate has expired and this might be a phishing attempt.

Get an error message, several actually. Figure out how to get on the site, which was as simple as using their standard URL. I get in, and have to update my password, which I made FuckWorldSailing77.

Then there is a message that says I need to update my nationality, but oddly, there is a section of “other nationality” which had USA. So I try to fill the primary nationality section, did it four times, and it won’t take.

When they were IYRU and NAYRU/USYRU the organizations served as bodies to help solve common infrastructure problems and serve to enable the sport. Now, World Sailing and US Sailing only serve to regulate and tax the sport. Neither of them can even run a website, so how on earth can they claim to run the sport? – Peter Huston.