don’t kill it, he’p it!

How about something a little uplifting for a change? To me it’s clear USS is suffering. Theories abound but instead of getting caught up in this “failure” how about just moving on in our own little worlds and hep’ing where we can?

In the 5 years I was involved as ILCA D12 Secretary we enjoyed great success and I never had one interaction with a US Sailing representative, (However, nearly ALL of the RC at our events and many area coaches came through US Sailing training which is I feel was/is a success at USS). My theory is we can focus on our own little worlds to bring on change. Little by little these little worlds grow and could eventually collide as they merge at regional regatta events.

This past week I was asked to conduct an onshore educational segment to support a STEM based “Simple Machines” curriculum being taught at a local school. The goal was to help kids understand “Simple Machines” concepts, (levers, pullies, wedges and the like).

My wife teaches there. Her co-workers are well aware of my sailing hi-jinks. When the lower school teacher reached out to me my initial thought was, “Sure, I’ll do it. Just drag the ILCA down and let kids crawl on it for an hour and go home.” The day before the event it hit me that I could possibly, maybe, actually influence someone with this “gig”. So, I thought about a talk track. Decided to take an Opti and ILCA, (showing progression opportunities as kids grow and bigger boats to support bigger bodies/STEM).

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