Sailing News


On Sunday, the luxury yacht that ran aground and spilled fuel in a scenic protected bay on Maui was refloated and towed off. While salvors initially planned to deliver it to a pier in Honolulu, the vessel foundered and sank during the tow.

On February 20, the 94-foot yacht Nakoa grounded on the north side of Maui’s Honolua Bay, a state-protected marine sanctuary.The owner told local media that the yacht’s mooring line parted overnight in a “freak accident,” resulting in the boat drifting ashore.

The yacht released diesel into the water when the bilge pumps activated, and the owner notified state and federal authorities that he was unable to pay for defueling.  The U.S. Coast Guard federalized the pollution response effort and hired a remediation contractor. Over the course of the week, the pollution-response team removed nearly 500 gallons of petroleum from the vessel by helicopter. Once this was completed, the Coast Guard turned the responsibility over to the state of Hawaii for wreck removal. More here.