kill it

A friend of SA responded with this answer when asked what he thought of the current US Failing situation…

I think the argument is that US Sailing wanted to use some of the funds raised by Cayard (not really very much) for member programs not related to Olympics.

As it is, the Olympic Program spends $5.5 mm out of a total budget of $11.5 mm (as of 2021 audited financials). USOC contributes about $1.3mm, along with some other Olympic-specific funds leaving the Olympic program spending about $3mm more than it generated in donations. There are about $7mm in donor pledges ( three donors make up half of that) that presumably would pay for more Olympic program expenses.

But even that is far from what is required to field a team in every discipline. So the fight, as always, is about money. My recommendation (on deaf ears) is to cut the program down to support one or two classes where they might get a podium or – gasp! -even a win.

Right now I think the best thing – and this will not be popular – is to kill the Olympic program and get on with doing a better job with junior programs.

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