true to form

Big Pimpin

UK Sailmakers’ lead designer Pat Considine’s capabilities and skills in the use of state-of-the-art sail design software are at world-class level. There are many things in life that you may know how to do… but can you do it on a world-class level? Sure, you know how to drive, but could you win a Formula One race? You know how the pieces on a backgammon board are moved, but can you beat a master backgammon player? You know how to sail, but can you win a foiling moth championship?

Sure, your sailmaker may know how to use a computer to design a sail, but does your sailmaker know how to make that design software perform at a level comparable with winning that F-1 race, making a living playing backgammon, or being the foiling Moth World Champ? Probably not.

Considine has been working for UK Sailmakers leading its Chicago loft for 30 years. Over the past decade, his design work has blended his intuitive artistry as a traditionally trained sailmaker with BSG Developments’ leading-edge sail design software applications. More here.