let there be light

Big Pimpin’

McConaghy Boats have partnered with Malcolm McKeon to launch a range of stylish high-performance cruiser-racers from 78ft to 120ft in length. A conscious decision has been taken to eschew exaggerated reverse sheer lines and other “modern” design clues in favor of a minimalist, understated, and slightly classical look. The aim here is to produce a boat whose performance surpasses expectations, rather than a boat that just looks the part.

McConaghy knows a thing or two about building cutting-edge race boats; the company’s reputation is founded on building yachts such as the all-conquering Wild Oats XI, and as a result, it is no surprise to hear they are currently building nine AC40 foiling one-designs for America’s Cup teams. This sort of pedigree means they should be taken seriously when they say they want to shake up the Maxi racing scene. More here.