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A group of Greenpeace protesters who blocked the arrival of a Russian tanker at a terminal on the Thames last year have been acquitted of charges related to their intervention, and prosecutors do not plan to appeal the decision.

Last May, the group used a Greenpeace app to track the Greek-flagged product tanker Andromeda on its voyage to the UK. The vessel departed from the Primorsk terminal in Russia on May 10, 2022 loaded with 33,000 tons of Russian diesel fuel. When the Andromeda reached Navigator Terminals near Tilbury, UK on the night of May 15, she found the pier blocked by 12 protesters. Some of the activists were sitting on the wharf, while others were hanging from the terminal, and they unfurled banners reading “Oil Fuels War.”

By the end of May 16, the police arrested 15 people on suspicion of aggravated trespassing. Prosecutors ultimately charged 10, but the judge in the case saw matters differently.  Read on.

But not to worry, I’m sure that murderous thug Putin will have them all killed. – ed