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On his way to winning the Australian Scow moth National title, Chris Musto of Western Australia revealed his brand new ‘old” style scow moth. Based on the proven Bunyip 9 design and sailed for the first time at the event the all-composite hull weighing in at 18kg, proved superior to all comers in the light to moderate breezes during the event held in January at St George Sailing Club NSW.

Built by Composite Components in Perth WA, noted for their contribution to early moth foiling in the early 2000’s, bladerider, Mach2, and wing sail developments. The hull is a sleeping giant, combining pre-preg carbon fibre foam composite with a wood veneer outer to create the ‘forever boat’ and keep in step with the history of the class and with a wide choice of veneer on offer individuality can still be assured from this production design.

The Scow fleet (lowriders) remains a solid keystone to moth class history and combining these older designs with the latest foiling designs on offer at a single national event (over 2 separate courses) has provided thrills for all, regardless of age and budget. It truly was a defining moment in the reunification of what was looking like a divided class, Power on !