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Big Pimpin’

Vakaros debuted RaceSense this weekend, a software which integrates with the Atlas 2 instrument to, among other things, call OCS automatically. As you might imagine, the M32 is about as tough of a test as is possible in sailing: quick acceleration, high speeds at the line, and sailors who push the limit every race. The 

So, what does RaceSense mean for sailors?

Instant OCS determination: If you’re over, the Atlas 2 will flash red and broadcast an OCS message. If you’re clear, you see green lights. No more waiting for a choppy VHF call or not hearing your number for thirty seconds. And, no more hiding. If you’re over the line, you’ll be called: it doesn’t matter if you’re in the line of sight of the RC.

No pinging: the location of each end of the line is broadcast to the fleet continuously. DTL updates all the time: swinging RC boats are no longer an issue.

No managing your timer: the RC automatically triggers timers on all boats, and they’re synced via GPS time. No need to synchronize or miss the gun.

Near-universal compatibility: RaceSense can function even in classes that don’t allow distance-to-line or other data readouts. The RaceSense system can be configured to display what a class wants sailors to see, and nothing it doesn’t.

But, don’t take our word for it, here’s what two of the world’s top sailors had to say about RaceSense: “RaceSense is a huge step forward, I think for all of sailing and all classes, but especially here in the M32 class.” – Taylor Canfield. “So far we’re thrilled with the system because we don’t have to ping… It’s so nice to be able to relax and also know that your pings are accurate”

The 2023 RaceSense calendar is filling up, reach out here to request a consultation for RaceSense at your event. Read more about the tech here. More in the thread here.