Yes, this J/105 (Final Final) is by all accounts a very good boat, fast, great shape, trailer, etc. I know, I tried to buy it., and there is a reason I didn’t – it just sold for $98k! After shipping and taxes (people with money pay taxes, don’t they?) he gonna be into it for at least $110k – way out of my league and a pretty astonishing price for a 20+ year-old J/105. It speaks volumes about the desirability of these boats to race – especially those that aren’t trashed, have core issues, mast issues, etc.

I get the appeal of the class – close racing, OD (Sort of – J Boats made seven different versions of the 105 during it’s build lifespan) – and I actually do want to buy one as there is a fleet here in san Diego, but am having a hard time finding one in good shape for a decent price. Maybe I’m just out of touch (duh). Hit me up if you know of one.

I created a thread for y’all to heap abuse my way…