the same, only different

Big Pimpin’

Marlow’s Blue Ocean ropes are identical to their conventional lines, but with just a tiny fraction of the usual carbon footprint

Many of the eco options available to sailors come with compromises attached. Electric motors need heavy batteries and have limited range, whilst bio-composites cannot match the performance of carbon fiber for most applications. Marlow Ropes’ Blue Ocean range delivers sustainability with zero compromises, protecting our environment whilst delivering identical performance to conventional products. There really is no excuse not to use them!

Sustainability at Marlow Ropes is not a tick-box PR exercise, it has been embraced across the company. Sugar cane-based recyclable bio-plastic is used for all plastic packaging. All cardboard and paper used is FSC certified and mostly recyclable at the point of destination. Supply chains have been redesigned to avoid air freight where possible. Perhaps more important than any of that, Marlow invested early in the development of sustainable rope-making materials.

Mooring lines were their first sustainable product. Blue Ocean Dockline was launched in 2018 with both core and cover 100 percent made from recycled bottles (rPET). Read on.