steady as she goes

After a highly competitive 2022 season with more completed races than ever before, consolidation and consistency seem set to be the watchwords that keep the 52 Super Series rolling into a second successful decade.

One thing the first 10 years have taught us is not to overpromise or attempt to overreach. When it was conceived in late 2011, growing out of the embers of the MedCup, the 52 Super Series was built around empowering owners, ensuring they take strategic decisions… and not taking them for granted. And so the 52 Super Series continues to deliver for them year in and year out.

While teams and boats are so evenly matched, and new teams are coming in or returning to the circuit and proving competitive, it is hard to see those same owners voting to make changes to the rule to speed the boats up – or to extend the circuit to venues further afield. The prevailing mood is ‘if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it’. Nevertheless, pretty much everyone acknowledges that changes have to come at some point, the question remains when. Read on.

Thanks to The Raconteurs for the title inspiration.