counter-punching time

What other website has 2 writers regularly arguing with each other for y’all to read? Right.

It’s always such a pleasure when Shanghai Sailor sticks his foot so firmly in his mouth. He’s so keen to take pot-shots at me that he makes mistakes and assumptions that betray his ignorance.

Yesterday he wrote, of my reporting of the recent Cabbage Tree Island Race: “Perhaps if Boy David actually took part in some of these events he might understand”. 

Well, for his information, this boy has “actually” raced in 12 Sydney-Hobarts, 10 Sydney-Gold Coast Races, raced to Lord Howe Island 9 times, done the Cabbage Tree at least five times, and competed in the old Clipper Cup and Southern Cross Cup series. 

As to challenging my comment that the TP52s have been “purportedly” (i.e. thought of as) the dominant class in the Sydney-Hobart the results over the past decade are indisputable. TPs have filled 20 of the Top 10 IRC places, including a 1,2,3 sweep in 2019. No other single class comes close. 

– anarchist David