not pretty

This morning around 8 a.m. (Paris time), the pilot of the catamaran CMA île de France – 60000 Rebonds de Brieuc Maisonneuve stalled in a brutal gust leading to a violent surge. The sailor could do nothing to avoid capsizing.

Jean-Pierre Dick, diverted in the zone by race management, was able to recover Brieuc Maisonneuve on board. The sailor is doing well despite some bruises. The two men are heading for the Azores and the team is doing everything possible to recover the boat. More.


After capsizing around 2000hrs yesterday evening whilst leading the OCEAN FIFTY class of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe solo race, French skipper Thibaut Vauchel-Camus was rescued this morning from the upturned Solidaires En Peloton – ARSEP some 240 miles north of the Azores.

Vauchel-Camus, 42, is reported to be in good health. A chartered rescue boat, the Merida, skippered by French Figaro racer Adrien Hardy, who is a salvage expert, is on the scene and the objective is to tow the OCEAN FIFTY to the Azores. More.