his dream boat

I took delivery of my new boat late in the summer. It is a JPK 39 FC. I live in the US but the French shipyards have a lock on this type of boat. I wanted:

1). Strong performance. Not just speed but also a well-thought-out deck plan. I am done with wonky rigging solutions on large catamarans or all-encompassing cockpit enclosures on mono hulls. I wanted a boat that lets me trim. My lack of ability will be the only hurdle not the design of the boat. I chartered a mono with the main sheet attached mid-boom. Horror show to weather. I also wanted the boat to have that feeling that I was almost racing.

2). Folding or lifting keel was a must. When I get stateside it is no fun dealing with 6+ foot draft. Most of the French boats fold between 1.3 meters up to 2.7 meters down.

3). I wanted a proper nav station where I could look forward. When sailing solo I want to be able to do long watches in the cabin. By the way the use case is for some harbor hoping with two aboard and some multi day legs with just me. Eventually going for longer.

4). I wanted a basic interior but not one that was a Clorox bottle. Read more at the SA Fabulous Forums.