dynamic response

Big Pimpin’

It does not need stressing that fully accurate and fast wind measurement is critical to all aspects of a racing yacht’s performance and equally important for the ever more complex sail systems on superyachts. Many companies have looked at novel ways of measuring wind including acoustics, but the spinning cup for speed and the vane for apparent wind angle are still the most accurate and reliable methods.

The A+T 500 series is a new design that moves this technology forward. It’s in full production and provides compatible upgrade parts for the large installed base of existing B&G systems even dating back to the 1980s.

The main attributes of a “perfect” wind sensor include resolution, accuracy and the fastest possible response time. Dynamic response is particularly important if masthead motion is compensated which is crucial both for raceboats and, with ever taller masts, superyachts.

Resolution and accuracy
A+T calibrates all masthead PCBs and complete units on a precision jig in steps of less than 0.1° and stores the calibration in the unit’s memory. Angle accuracy and repeatability is better than 0.2° compared with +/- 0.5° claimed by other wind sensors. A version can output eight pulses per cup revolution to give higher light air speed resolution. More.