now that’s a winch

Big Pimpin’

At first glance, the sheer quality of Rondal’s captive winch engineering can make a critical and highly demanding task look too easy…

Superyachts haven’t just been getting larger in recent years. They’ve also become far more strongly focused on sailing performance and helm response in light airs. For designers and builders, this means an ever-increasing preoccupation with weight reduction is required, while at the same time rigs are getting larger and the loads that the yachts’ sail control systems have to handle are higher than ever before.

Rondal has been a key player in enabling this evolution, not just by building the giant carbon spars for the new generation of mega sloops but also, more recently, creating a super-light version of its unique integrated sailing system to control their enormous sailpower. This includes a remarkable range of captive reel winches, built-in carbon fiber, and 22 percent lighter than their aluminum anodized alternative. That’s a potentially massive gain for a racing yacht or a performance cruiser. Installing a full set of Rondal carbon winches can reduce the sailing displacement of a 60-metre yacht by at least two tons. Read on.