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Big Pimpin’

When yacht instruments start to reach the end of their life or a lighting strike forces the issue it is tempting to think only of throwing them away and starting again. A+T has turned this on its head by offering upgrade paths that give the best performance, are superbly engineered, often cost less, and do not involve throwing away good working parts and cabling.

A+T products are all repairable at the component level and A+T also repairs all older marine electronics, again at the component level. Contrast this with other instruments on the market which comprise sealed units or for which parts cannot be obtained, so can only be completely replaced, with parts then ending up in a landfill. A further consideration is that almost all A+T parts are made in the UK with manufacture and design in the same place, so cutting down on supply chains and associated shipping. This has the additional benefit of keeping stock levels of finished parts available for shipping worldwide.

A+T processors and pilots are designed and engineered to very high standards by a team that includes sailors at the top end of the sport. It is not a surprise that five of the seven class winners at the recent St Barth’s Bucket Regatta and two yachts on the line honors podium in the Caribbean 600 were equipped by A+T. More than 400 superyachts and race boats are now using A+T in various stages of their upgrade programs.

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