when is a start, a start?

From the Fabulous Forum…

Weird one this weekend. In the end, it didn’t matter, but I’m not sure what the actual rule is here.

Starting in light winds 1 boat (us) is called over. We start to dip back, however at the same time the boat starting on the pin hooks it and drags it fairly significantly to weather. We see this, determine that we are now actually behind the line formed by the Committee boat and the current position of the pin, and start. The RC comes on the radio a few minutes later to clarify that we had not returned far enough.
I’m not questioning his call, but we were very close to the pin, and within reason certain that we had become behind the line as the pin was dragged forward. (This was also the opinion of the boat who hooked the pin so had quite a good view).

Whilst we might be mistaken that we actually were behind the new position of the pin, I’m interested what the rule would be… Assuming that we had been put the right side of the line by the movement of the pin, but had not returned to the prestart side of the line as it was at the starting signal, would the RO be correct in determining that we had not started correctly, or should the movement of the pin put us back on the prestart side of the line “by default”.

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