whole lotta money

SAN DIEGO, AUGUST 31, 2022 – Last weekend, Sharp HospiceCare held its 19th Annual Benefit Regatta. The Benefit Dinner was held at the Hotel del Coronado on Friday, Aug. 26, and the Regatta was held the following day at the Coronado Yacht Club. Both events drew 600 guests each. The fundraiser raised a record-breaking $475,000, the most raised since the Regatta’s inception in 2003.

Hosted by Sharp HospiceCare, Coronado Yacht Club and Cortez Racing Association, Saturday’s Regatta featured 50 sailboat racers. Guests boarded 43 yachts to view the race from San Diego Bay.  That’s the mighty Anarchy V pictured above on her way to 1st in class and 5th overall in this fabulous event. More here.

Title inspiration thanks to BIA.