lock down

Big Pimpin’

Minimize what can go wrong to maximize reliability. Based on that principle, Alphalock’s high reliability comes from utter simplicity. There is only one moving part: the locking flipper itself. No springs, latches, ball detents, or anything else that can corrode or wear out during service.

The key to Alphalock’s simplicity is a patented “solid-state” combination of shape and magnetism that precisely and consistently guides the locking flipper into its locking (cocked) and unlocking (neutral) positions, season after season. Unlike springs that tend to wear out in a season or two, the strength of Alphalock’s magnetic componentry does not diminish with age. The Alphalock automatic action is simple: hoist to lock, hoist again to unlock. The Alphalock product line covers all halyard and reefing lock applications.

The range includes Block Locks, a multihull favourite. Stropped to masts externally, Block Locks simplify locking on rotating masts and are also used on code zero tack lines. Continued.