feeling his oats

Sandy Oatley, Chairman of the family company that owns Hamilton Island, does not normally race aboard the super maxi, let alone helm it. That duty usually lies with Mark Richards. And for the first time this week, ‘The Oats’ took line honours from her rival, at the 2022 Australian Yachting Championships (AYC) at Hamilton Island Race Week. Photo thanks to the Salty Dingo.

“It was good fun,” Oatley said with a wide smile. “It was also very tense, swapping the lead a couple of times. It was a great competition; great sportsmanship and some luck fell our way at the end.”

On taking charge of the 100 footer, Oatley said, “It was fantastic helming. I got advice from everywhere – and sometimes the advice was different. They all know what they’re doing and they were enthusiastic,” he said with a laugh. Results here.