what’s your color?

Leading polarized lens maker Tajima-Direct.com, speaks to Pete Burling, Steve Benjamin, Ken Read, Dave Hughes, Brian Porter and Cam Lewis about their favorite polarized lens tints and technologies.

All polarized lenses are not created equal. Nor are sunglass and prescription lens technologies. Like any product on the market, once you know the facts, educate yourself, seek expert advice, you’ll be informed to make the best decision for you. After all, everyone is different…just as weather changes and bodies of water vary, lens tints are a matter of what works best for you.

Long time polarized lens developer and Tajima Direct co-founder Steve Rosenberg, a former champion sailor himself, speaks with some of the very best sailors in the world about their lens tint and technology preferences.

America’s Cup champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Pete Burling doesn’t want his polarized lenses too dark. Olympic Silver Medalist and multiple world champion Steve Benjamin wants his lenses dark in bright conditions, yet also likes options. Olympian Dave Hughes prefers a Gray tint with a Blue Mirror for his go-to all-purpose pair.

While prescription progressive polarized lens wearers, Melges World Champion Brian Porter and off-shore multihull record setter Cam Lewis, prefer a dark Blue Mirror as their go-to everyday prescription lens. World Champion and all-time great Ken Read simply asks the question: “What’s best for me to read puffs?”

Developing polarized lens technology for three decades and working with some of the greatest athletes across the world of sports, including, of course, the best sailors, has taught me a couple of things. First, everyone is different, sees things differently, and has different needs and tolerances. Second, some people can handle, and even demand, a lot of information and won’t get overwhelmed by a variety of specific tool selections to get the job done. They like to fine-tune their vision for detailed advantages.

That’s Steve Benjamin. And he’s good at it. Others, prefer to keep it simple. They know what they like, and when they find it, they tend to be resistant to change until they see something even better. That’s Pete Burling. Both sailors are complex thinkers and problem solvers that know what they want and what they like.  Yet Burling and Benj sit at opposite ends of the lens selection spectrum. Then, there’s the rest of us who fall somewhere in the middle.

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