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Big Pimpin’

Cyclops Marine is making big strides in helping sailors make accurate, data-driven adjustments to their sails while they race. The latest example is SmartLuff, an easy-to-use Bluetooth smart sensor that optimizes your sail setup by monitoring sail load in real-time. The result of an exclusive partnership between North Sails and Cyclops Marine, the SmartLuff sensor seamlessly connects to your smartphone and onboard display, providing live load data in a simple, intuitive format.

While UK-based Cyclops Marine already had a number of products in its ever-expanding range, SmartLuff has been developed co-engineered with North Sails, who wanted to provide their customers with a user-friendly, in-sail load sensor for Helix Structured Luff sails.

A former 470 Olympic campaigner and multiple Fireball World Champion, Cyclops CEO Ian ‘Chips’ Howarth had his team working hard over the past two years to develop a product that’s sufficiently robust and user-friendly to the point where he believes using SmartLuff will be a no-brainer for any sailor serious about improving performance. ‘This is the first time ever you can buy a sail for your boat, where Norths Sails’ design software can define the precise load for which the sail is designed and integrate a device that will advise, whilst racing, what trimming adjustments you need to make to hit the perfect setting. More here.

Title inspiration thanks to the Buzzcocks.