bad butt

Wow that is an ugly, unimaginative stern section – why not carry the deck platform further aft to increase room back there and eliminate those ugly protrusions?

Flagship of the Marsaudon Composites range , the ORC 57 is not intended for mass production. The manufacturer from Lorient can only produce a few units a year anyway and therefore offers a high level of service, while adapting to customer demands.

The standard model has by default all the necessary equipment to go sailing. It comes with a Sparcraft aluminum mast, a dyneema forestay and sails from Incidence Sails. Deck equipment combines Ronstan, Harken and Karver. The stanchions and balconies are in black thermo-lacquered stainless steel. As for the interior layout, the standard version has 4 cabins, with neat finishes, such as leather handles or honeycomb fiddles.

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