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As the legendary boat builder Carl Eichenlaub used to say, the Buffalo Canoe Club is a funny place, it’s not Buffalo, and it doesn’t have any canoes.  What it does have is a culture of nurturing talent that goes back generations.

This past weekend the BCC hosted their annual Lightning Youth Invitational Regatta.  The purpose of the regatta is to give one last push the weekend before the Junior Lightning NA’s.  The format is different than what is found in most youth events.  The older teenagers typically compete with their normal crew, but the younger kids are allowed to have one adult on the boat, who can’t steer. This builds the fleet and allows for close competition while giving younger a great learning experience. 

The regatta is organized and run by Lightning class Past President Debbie Probst, with on-the-water coaching by former North American and World Champ Larry MacDonald with other World and North American champions as crew.  Really talented sailors like Adam MacDonald and Tanner Probst, who are now young adults that once participated in this regatta, step up to help perpetuate the tradition that helped elevate their game.

The equation is pretty simple, it’s just about accelerating competence through mentoring, which in turn tends to create lifelong relationships that sustain the club and the class.  What unique things do your club or class do to create a culture of learning?  Chime into the thread here.