believe it

Big Pimpin’

Today’s top-end lines from Teufelberger deliver performance vs weight qualities that even 10-15 years ago the typical racing sailor would have found hard to believe. But believe it they should…

What do you do when even top-grade Dyneema has too much stretch to keep your luff straight? You ask a ropemaker for something even better. Sometimes, though, it works the other way round. Teufelberger, the parent company of Robline and New England Ropes, has a very proactive approach to product development and puts great emphasis on forging close relationships with its most demanding users – including some of the world’s best sailors – to drive its R&D.

Ideas for new products come from conversations with sailors about the shortcomings of existing equipment. These are then fed back to the ropemaker’s engineers, who develop cordage for 20 different market sectors. Often, a solution already exists in-house. Crane ropes, Alpine cableways and yacht halyards, for example, have a lot in common so technology and know-how are often transferred between them. More here.