the itchy and scratchy show

Really nice video of the J/125 Hamachi in their first in class, third overall ORR placings.  Obviously very well done, but the situation between them and sistership Rufless leaves a bad taste…

Hamachi filed a protest against Rufless at the end of the Pac Cup, citing discrepancies in Rufless’ rating and sails.

First of all, Hamachi had to know about these alleged violations before they even left the dock, so filling it at the end of the race seems pretty chickenshit. Second, if Rufless wasn’t guilty, why did they withdraw rather than go through the protest hearing? Good lord people, get your shit together.

Rufless is thought to perhaps have a code zero that did not measure in. Did they not know that beforehand? Then that’s just stupid. As for the ratings on their cert, Rufless dispaced a lot more than Hamachi (again, as we understand it), and thus were owed a lot of time from Hamachi.  Sumpin ain’t right there.

And btw, isn’t this a good time to drop ORR and get with the rest of the world in ORC? The certs are much more detailed in order to examine problems like this.

Again, none of this was questioned by anybody before the start?  I’d say throw ’em both out for being annoying. Here is the actual protest. There is a thread here.