let otto steer

Big Pimpin’

Autopilots are an absolute hotbed of performance development – the news that a market leader in superyacht electronics is joining the party will raise the bar even further

A+T has built a well-established reputation for high-performance instruments, with beautiful engineering and second-to-none support. Their products are now being used on over 400 of the world’s largest and fastest superyachts.

Building on this foundation they have now launched a new autopilot built to the same exacting standards. This is the first production autopilot using a web server interface so the user can easily see “inside” the pilot to see how it is performing. The captain or commissioning engineer can see all aspects of the setup and at-sea behavior including graphic data such as the demand rudder, the actual rudder, the demand heading, and the actual heading which helps separate the performance of the pilot from the performance of the yacht’s mechanics. Data can also be logged and sent to A+T for analysis or A+T engineers can “team view” in to remotely diagnose and help with calibration and setup while the yacht is on sea trials. Read on.