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race to the future?

Thirty-eight teams (21 nations) including 27 universities divided into three categories (Solar, Energy and Open Sea Class) were here this year, including newcomers like the Indians (Sea Sakhti) from Kumaraguru College of Technology, supported by the Indian sailor, Commander Abhilash Tomy: “I’m so proud to see my country represented at this meeting. India supports new energy sources, particularly mobility-related. Many initiatives focus on the automobile industry but not yet in the yachting domain.

I hope these students will return to India with their heads full of ideas because at least 10% of fishing boats in India could use electric propulsion for example”. It was also the first time an Indian team had taken part in an international powerboat event. Peru, Greece, China, Indonesia and Canada also made the trip, each determined to present their solution and prototype. All had a chance to compete against each other on the sea and share knowledge every day at the Tech Talks in open source. More.