it’s all about size

Combining the expertise of Fibre Mechanics and Multiplast with that of VPLP, under Gunboat’s reputation for design, build quality, and finish… it’s no wonder that the new Gunboat 80 offers such a breathtaking package

Imagine sailing faster than the wind while cruising with your family in just six knots of breeze, when all other yachts are motoring. Now imagine racing that same boat with your team, with boat speeds reaching 30kts. Welcome aboard the Gunboat 80.

After the success of the Gunboat 68, the next step was to go bigger – and a lot more hi-tech. More than ever before, this new flagship model brings Gunboat into the world of grand prix sailing technology. The CFD modeling, structural engineering, prepreg carbon construction, and rig optimization of the Gunboat 80 are on the same level of sophistication as an Imoca or Ultime build project, with the same fanatical focus on weight reduction. Read on.