what would dave do?

From our friends at Tajima Direct

Growing up in Maine, then moving to Miami to chase his racing dreams, two-time Olympian and multiple class world champion Dave Hughes, learned the importance of properly identifying details of wind direction and velocity on capricious Biscayne Bay.

A place where pressure and angle are not necessarily consistent from one edge of a puff to the other.  Reading wind via texture and subtle color tones on the water’s surface is more an art form than a science. But what if science, via superior lens technology, could aid in reading subtle and hard to see detail?

Hughes sits down with Tajima-Direct.com co-founder and polarized lens developer Steve Rosenberg to discuss why he’s been a Tajima Direct Lens loyalist and what he looks for and prefers in his polarized lens technology.

Tajima Direct: Tell us a little bit about where you grew up and when you realized you had the “sailing bug.”

Dave Hughes: I really cut my teeth off the coast of Maine. As a kid I sailed any boat I could get my hands on … Blue Jays, 14s, Lasers, J24s, 420s, Etchells, Interclubs … you name it. I was equally excited by both dinghies and keelboats – buoy racing and offshore.  I credit a huge amount of my approach to sailing from having balanced those disciplines at a young age.

TD:  Has sunglass use always been part of your sailing and daily eye protection?  How important is superior polarized lens technology to you and why?

DH: I’m religious about protecting my eyes. With the number of days I spend on the water year after year, I can’t afford not to be. A crisp and clear lens that can carry me through a range of conditions is the gold standard. Read on.