ban for life?

The description of a protest filed by the Swiftsure International Yacht Race Race Committee against Wind Child, owned by Rudolph Heesels.

We received a report from the Canadian Coast Guard regarding a call for assistance due to an
injured crew member aboard the boat Wind Child, USA 74329.

The report goes on to say “The crewmember had a severe head injury, including a maxillofacial
depression (broken, caved-in orbital bone) and severe bleeding. When CCG crews arrived on the scene, he was found in a reduced level of consciousness, curled up in a fetal position, and vomiting in the cockpit – all signs of severe head injury.

Despite his obviously serious condition, Heessels had a) called this in as non-serious (a Pan Pan) and b) completely disregarded Rescue Centre’s advice to pull into nearby Pedder Bay marina for a transfer to ambulance (apparently because it would disqualify them). Instead, he painted the picture that the patient could be transferred to a CCG asset – which proved impossible, given his terrible condition and also the
weather on scene.

Moreover, on multiple occasions, while SAR crew were trying to administer first aid,
Heessels was heard lamenting how this would affect his race performance.