be protected

The ILCA is one of the most popular dinghies sailed around the world, but like all boats, they are subject to flaws in design and development changes through the years. However, performance hardware manufacturer, Allen, have developed a new product that will help keep ILCA dinghies protected! 

Introducing the ILCA wear protectors, a product designed to stop the damage caused by the ILCA mainsheet traveler blocks. 

Anyone who sails an ILCA will know that having your traveler line as tight as possible is a huge performance gain. However, the tighter the traveler the more it forces the mainsheet traveler block to rub and chafe the gelcoat on the transom of your beloved boat.

This damage occurs because the mainsheet traveler blocks are harder wearing than the thin layer of gelcoat on the deck of the boat. Over time the mainsheet block will dig into the deck of the boat, creating serious damage and resulting in the need to have repair work carried out to the boat. But, all of this can be avoided by installing the ILCA wear protectors.

The ILCA wear protector is designed to fit around the existing traveler fairlead – A.282A. An item which is the same on every ILCA dinghy, due to the one-design nature of the class.

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