first time, long time

Alright, I committed a sin. Multiple, in fact, unforgivable sins.

1. I got a boat.

2. I got a boat without a professional survey.

3. I got a boat without a haul-out.

4. I got a free boat.

Number one is only a sin in the eyes of my poor bank card, but man I broke every rule in the book here. However, the price was right. The thing is immaculate above the waterline – I checked everything thoroughly, including going around the deck tapping for soft spots or sound changes – and from what I can see it’s pretty filthy but good below the waterline.

The ancient single-cylinder Yanmar “purrs” (if your cat ever sounds like that take it to a vet) but starts after two cranks and has been kept spotless by the owner. Electricals all upgraded (and upgraded well), LED lighting up the wazoo including behind the engine and in the battery compartment. Cushions good.

The only thing that is “bad” (idgaf) is that the old headliner rotted out because of one ceiling leak that I need to fix. The old owner was so dedicated to this boat that he pulled out the old headliner and made a template of the old rotten thing before tossing it in case the next owner cared enough to have a nice-looking ceiling. The windows are this trashy bright yellow tinted plexiglass that the current owner described as “don’t blame me, that was the last guy.”

All the through-hulls have been appropriately upgraded to the right kinds of fittings instead of the original junk-grade gate valves. No holding tank, there’s a nice project for me. Water tank is a puny eight gallons, but it even has an electric pump onboard (for the one sink… seems pretty dumb). May downgrade that to a foot pump to conserve water, and I have an extra tank as a reserve to install.

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