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Big Pimpin'

You’d expect the environmentally-driven 11th Hour Racing Team to push harder than most when it came to building their latest Imoca 60. They did not disappoint…

There’s a quick, cost-neutral, and almost effortless way to massively reduce the environmental impact of building a high-performance sailing yacht. For an Imoca 60, you can cut the total carbon footprint by almost a third, simply by ensuring that the boatyard and key suppliers are on a 100 percent renewable electricity tariff. It’s usually easy to switch energy suppliers and renewable energy is becoming very competitive in price, so it can be a triple bottom line win – for the client, for the builder and for the environment.

That’s one of the key findings from 11th Hour Racing Team’s project to design and build a new Imoca within the current class rules, without compromising on performance. They’ve set an important benchmark, explored alternative materials, and compared the impact of build methods. They’ve calculated the total footprint of a grand prix race boat build and its entire supply chain with greater accuracy than has ever been done before. And now they’ve published their findings in a Design & Build Report that’s freely available online. Read on.