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An unexpected development in the last 18 months is that participation in traditional dinghy classes has gone through the roof… but the dinghies of today are being built with some very non-traditional materials

Demand for Pro-Set epoxy has never been so high or so diverse. This is partly due to the way the pandemic has drawn sailors back to their passion more closely than ever.

Dave Johnson, sales director of Wessex Resins and Adhesives, licensed manufacturers of West System and Pro-set products in Europe, is awestruck by the explosion of interest and engagement in the small-boat scene, particularly in the UK. ‘We have just about every UK dinghy builder using our Pro-Set products now. The big names like Ovington and Winder, Maguire, White Formula, RS, Synergy, Hadron and so on.

‘Singlehanded dinghy sales went ballistic last year and show little sign of slowing down. A recent Merlin Rocket open yielded a 100-plus turnout. The International Moths are foiling faster than ever and proving incredibly popular, and most of them are laminated, infused and bonded with our Pro-Set product.’

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