solo, yo

The 33 Figarists involved in the 19th edition of the Solo Maître CoQ got to the heart of the matter on Tuesday. At 11.50 am, with a very slight delay on the scheduled time, they set off on the long course of the event, propelled by a northerly airflow blowing between 10 and 12 knots.

A flow which should however ease during the afternoon and switch to the northwest, thus making the first miles of the race to the island of Ré tricky, the bypass of which also promises to be subtle and probably decisive. There is, in fact, a safe bet that those who have taken the advantage of this section of the course will take an interesting option for the future which is likely to quickly resemble a sprint race.

In short, taking care of your trajectories and settings, being opportunistic, and finding the right rhythm will certainly be part of the keys to success in this first event of the 2022 French Elite Offshore Racing Championship! More here.