too easy?

Big Pimpin'

As yachts get bigger and bigger, simple tasks become more demanding. When you’re maneuvering and then securing a superyacht in a tight anchorage there is no such thing as having too much help…

An important part of every voyage and one that is often overlooked is how we maneuver when close to land. This includes leaving a slip, a mooring, or even an anchorage. It is here in these settings that not only is skill needed in controlling the propulsion and direction of the boat at low speeds but the techniques and sequence of handling the mooring lines as well. NubeWay has developed two clever solutions to reduce this tension in dockside maneuvers: the Butler and the Mush automatic folding fairleads.

Done well, dockside maneuvers look effortless. But when not done well they can create tremendous anxiety and tension – not a good way to start or end any journey – or even spell disaster, resulting in damage to the boat or worse, injury to the crew or the guests. Read on.