the lucky islands

Even when a sailor’s eye gets used to the vast horizon, the colours and tones of the sea and sky change every day… the open seas are never the same from one day to the next… suddenly, after days and days, a new outline on the immense Ocean painting will emerge on the horizon, blurred at first, then clearer little by little… you see land!!!

For sailors’ morale, this is always great, even if, in the case of GSC participants, they will sail past without stopping: spirits will be boosted in the knowledge they are indeed on the right course…

This is what skippers will feel when approaching the Canary Islands after their navigation from A Coruña. The simple vision of these islands in the middle of the Ocean will comfort them and reaffirm their decision to move forward, after days reflecting and absorbing the immensity of the adventure they are about to undertake, with the world ahead of them….

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